Scorpio Womens T-shirt

Scorpio Womens T-shirt

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  • 100% Combed Cotton construction

  • Enzyme washed for superior softness

  • Fabric weight 3.8 oz/yd² (129 g/m²)

  • Good screen printing results

  • RSA 6320 Ultra wash tee

( T-shirt pictured in photo is size Large, for details please refer to size chart below) 


The first thing you will notice about a Scorpio is his/her forceful and vigorous nature. So if you cut open a Scorpio, I mean metaphorically, you will find a very intense source of energy. It will be like looking at the sun – you can’t look straight at it, or get too close. This source is what drives the Scorpio, and he/she uses this energy in whatever way he/she finds most satisfying. Now, as it is said, with great power comes great responsibility. There is a great need to channelize this energy in the right direction. Otherwise, things are bound to get disastrous..(See more in about the sign page )

Scorpio Womens T-shirt


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